This inspection provides another way to protect your client from costly repairs. The sewer system of a home is one of the most important aspects of a property. If a sewer line has failed it has been our experience that repair costs are rarely less than $1,500 and can approach the $15,000 level quickly. The only way to check the condition of these pipes is to get a camera inside the sewer line and look around. As these inspections become more prevalent in our market it becomes essential for every home buyer to know the condition of their sewer line. We anticipate that in the next few years almost every home sold will have their sewer line inspected with this technology. This means that if your buyers don’t get one when they purchase their home now, most likely when they go to sell there will be one done. Your seller will now be responsible for any repairs or problems found even if they were preexisting prior to their purchase of the property. Protect yourself and your client by recommending a Video Sewer Line Inspection!


As a Home Inspection company with 20 years of experience we provide the same unbiased professionalism you and your client have come to expect. We understand the purchasing process, particularly in this market. Many companies offering this service also do the repairs, we do not. This allows us to provide an unbiased inspection. The ability to provide the sewer scope at the same time as the home inspection, or as a stand alone inspection, makes scheduling for you and your client easier. Our unbiased objectivity, along with our understanding of the real estate transaction makes Inspectek West, Inc the perfect choice.


We typically access the main sewer line through a clean out located on the exterior of the home or in the basement. On some occasions we go through the vent stack on the roof. The camera is attached to a line that resembles a “sewer snake”. That camera is plugged into a TV/monitor that lets us view the inside of the sewer line. In most cases we will push the camera out to the main street lateral, observing the condition of the line as we go. Issues that are commonly seen are collapsed sewer lines, settlement in the sewer lines that cause “ponds” or “bellies”, corrosion, misalignment at the joints, grading issues, and root intrusion, which can all contribute to problems with the sewer system. After the line is inspected a YouTube link is made available for the client and a written report is also provided for the client and Realtor. The YouTube link and report can be easily shared and used to obtain bids from licensed plumber contractors if any plumbing issues are present.



A Video Sewer Line Inspection is $125. When considering the fact that a sewer replacement can cost many thousands of dollars it is a good idea to at least recommend a Video Sewer Line Inspection to your client. Inspectek West, Inc. is the Hay family owned inspection business that has been a leader in the Home Inspection Industry for 20 years. We currently have three licensed and bonded in- spectors and are very excited about the opportunities this provides. With over 40 years of combined experience and over 15,000 fee paid Home Inspections, we continue to be one of the most well-respected Inspection companies in the Portland area.



  • Standard single residential $125
  • Flag lot single family $125+ $25 for each additional cleanout
  • Pull a toilet and video the line $225
  • Cut in an ABS cleanout and video line $225
  • Cut in cleanout to cast iron stack and video line $250
  • Multi family and Commercial video inspections "call for a quote"